Chisenga PS & Malawa PS rugby coaching

Sarah’s blog 3/10/23

This morning, Jack Mphande, the Rugby Development Officer, visited firstly Chisenga Primary School then Malawa Primary School. Teachers from those schools had attended Jack’s coaching session yesterday.

Jack was able to work with the teachers today, and students from both these schools.

When Jack sent me these photos I asked him what the students thought of their first introduction to rugby.

He said ‘They are very happy to know the game. They say it’s simple to play and since a lot of students scramble for selection in football, rugby is an option now.’

Jack took a photo of a sports tops that one of the teachers showed him – so old it’s ripped and threadbare. None of the young people know yet, but they will all be getting new sports kit on the day they play their tournaments.

After school today, Jack was able to coach some of the students from Bright Futures Secondary School. I will post photos of the Bright Futures teenagers in tomorrow’s post.

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