Rugby (part 2)

Sarah’s blog 10/10/23

After a hugely successful first week of rugby with the rural schools, culminating in a tournament on Friday, Jack Mphande, rugby development officer, is working with the primary schools in and around town.

Yesterday, two teachers from each school as well as local sports coaches spent the day learning the rules of touch rugby from Jack. They were classroom based in the morning and having fun playing some touch rugby in the afternoon.

Today, Jack visited his first two schools;

The students really enjoyed themselves and were keen to learn a new sport. The newly trained teachers were able to help run these sessions as they will be the ones continuing this rugby initiative once Jack returns to Lilongwe.

Jack will visit more schools this week and there will be a tournament for these schools on Friday.

There are lots of people to thank for the success of this rugby development programme. Firstly, to Jack for his commitment, hard work, organisational skills and enthusiasm with which he delivers these sessions and makes them fun for the participants. We are so glad that you made time in your busy schedule to visit again.

Levison, you work so hard mostly in the background, ensuring that you help and support as many vulnerable people as you can. You worked really hard with Jack ahead of time with planning for this event. You hosted visitors last week and you were delighted at how many young people took part… all in addition to your regular ‘to do’ list. Thank you.

To clubs and individuals who donated sports kit – thank you. Having matching kit helps these vulnerable young people’s self-esteem and saves pre-loved kit going to landfill – reuse, recycle, repurpose.

And to our wonderful supporters who have donated an amazing amount of money to ensure that these vulnerable children can learn a new sport and have opportunities they wouldn’t usually have had – thank you. You are all amazing! It was quite a big undertaking for a small charity like ours to facilitate a big event like this two week rugby tuition and tournament – but with your help and support we did it.

Jack’s transport, expenses, accommodation and food have been paid for from your donations. Teachers and sports coaches being trained have had a cooked lunch. Children in schools who were taking part in training have all had a snack and a bottle of water. Everyone on tournament days have had/will have a proper lunch, snack and bottled water. All the students taking part have been gifted pens and pencils too. This is just the start of rugby in schools in the far north of Malawi. The enthusiasm is brilliant. These teachers will continue to coach touch rugby at their schools.

Students will remember taking part in this event for the rest of their lives. They aren’t used to having opportunities like this. Thank you for making a difference. Enjoy the photos from yesterday and today. Katitula Primary School is wearing blue and CCAP Primary School’s uniform is purple. Thanks, Sarah x

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