The Second Sunday in Advent

Sarah’s blog 5/12/21

The second Sunday in advent is traditionally about peace and waiting. I have had no choice this week. I wasn’t going to write this but I think it’s important and I would be very grateful if you would be patient with me whilst I write this.

I have been in a very large hospital since Tuesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon I had some of my right kidney removed using robotic assistance. If this operation had taken place at my usual hospital, they would have removed my whole kidney. So I am thankful for the opportunities I have had. Everyone has been so lovely and kind and I have felt precious and cared for.

I am very conscious of the differences between my opportunities here and the lack of health care opportunities in Malawi, something we need to try to work on next year.

I feel I am being ‘asked’ to write this and believe me I am double and triple checking things as I am on a lot of medication for pain relief and my concentration isn’t good. At least I’ve kept my eyes open! My care,post op, has not gone to plan. My oxygen levels have been extremely low and, I spent two days in high dependency. Yesterday was my first day since Tuesday with no additional oxygen…again the comparison isn’t lost on me that Malawi doesn’t have enough oxygen in hospitals.

So without you having to know all my aches and pains, I am here to wait and recover. To recover from the big operation I have had but also the stress of 2021 which has been huge.

Every day has been a worry about where money will come from to feed children, to sponsor them, to provide for them. I have been volunteering 7 days a week. I can’t continue at that rate. It’s not going to do me any good, therefore the charity any good, if I don’t start putting myself first. I don’t know what the new working hours will look like but, for now, I will wait with peace and listen. Of course, I couldn’t have worked so hard without my husband who is my biggest supporter.

All of this would have been hard enough but there have been people on social media trying to destroy our charity. People who have never met me. People who are happy to side with others without knowing facts or thinking about the consequences of their actions. I cannot apply for grants for our charity at the moment because the awful things that have been written. People might not like me or like what I say (and that’s ok) but every decision I make is to benefit those hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children to make lives better for them.

Of course, I should have been at home this last week sharing posts; getting children sponsored, selling paintings for Christmas or lovely cards; sharing the links for e-cards and e-gifts and generally working as hard as I can for every £1 to help make a difference in Northern Malawi. Hopefully, people do find the items via our website and please share posts if you can. Hoping I will be home in a few days although this week away, courtesy of the NHS, has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

So instead of being busy selling, I’ll wait patiently for what’s going to happen next. It might be that you decide you want to help, it might be a magazine wants to write about our work… who knows? But I do know that 2022 is going to be a better year and we hope that you will continue to journey with us thanks for reading, Sarah x

My room with a view of the helipad

E-cards & E-gifts helping the children in Northern Malawi

Sarah’s blog 10/11/21

Just wanted to share the link to our e-cards & e-gifts. You can do your Christmas shopping and send your Christmas cards without leaving your sofa…and all for a great cause. Click on the link and have a look. Thanks, Sarah x

Feel Good Charity Christmas Gifts

Sarah’s blog 23/10/21

Do you have a long list of people to buy Christmas gifts for? Do you wonder what you are going to buy for the man who has everything? Do you need to post gifts? Do you need extra gifts for teachers or Secret Santa’s? Do you wish there wasn’t so much unnecessary plastic and wrapping on Christmas gifts? Do you want to avoid crowds when Christmas shopping? Do you wish Christmas wasn’t quite so commercialised? help! I need a last minute gift!! Does this sound familiar?

We have the perfect feel good alternative Christmas Gifts. Our small charity is run by volunteers and has no admin fees so ALL your money is going to the project you choose to support with your gift. Your gift goes to support some of the most vulnerable children in Malawi. Also the gifts don’t have to just be for Christmas, they can be personalised, the amounts can be changed or if you have an idea of something else you’d like to support then send us a message. We can email your alternative gift for you to print off or forward to the recipient, or we can print it off and put it inside a nice card, add a message from you and pop it in the post. You decide who your gift is for, which project to support, how much you want to spend and we can ensure your Christmas shopping is hassle free. Have a look at the gifts below and keep the children in Malawi in mind when buying your Christmas gifts. thanks for reading, Sarah x

A football or netball is £10, A blanket is £5, Blankets for 5 children is £25, Transport for a box of books £15, A nutritious meal for 500 children £100, Soap for 100 children £50, Tools for a family £20, A windup torch £5, 4 fruit tree saplings £10.

How to order:

Step 1: Choose the gift(s) you would like to give

Step 2: Choose whether you would like it emailed, posted to you or posted to the recipient

Step 3: Contact us via facebook messenger, the ‘contact us’ form on the website or by emailing

Step 4: You can pay by cheque, via stripe on the website or via bank transfer (cheque or bank transfer is preferable as full amount goes to the charity)

Step 5: We will then despatch your request and send your gift to Malawi

Step 6: Tick off your list of gifts to purchase, sit with your feet up and a festive drink having avoided a trip to the shops! Merry Christmas!