Building an extension…for the chooks

Sarah’s blog 28/03/22

Back in October, we had a fundraiser in Strathblane, with an exhibition and sale of the beautiful paintings by one of our trustees, Christine Cresswell. She has very generously donated all proceeds from the sale of her paintings, prints and cards to our charity. This is ongoing, not just from that day, so we are very grateful for her talents being used to help us. There is a link to her facebook page on this website and I will also do a blog highlighting her paintings soon.

The money from the fundraiser was agreed to fund the building of an extension to the existing hen house. The rainy season was obviously not the best time to start this project so the builders have been on site this last week now the rains are becoming less frequent. A few of the young people have volunteered to help with ferrying bricks for the builders and you’ll see Maria Chizumira in one of the photos. Maria was on holiday from first year at Chisenga Secondary School.

We look forward to being able to bring more photos of the finished hen house and also photos of the new residents….maybe we might even have some Easter chicks? Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched!

Sarah’s blog 13/10/21

We use this phrase a great deal…about lots of different things. However, today’s blog is about chickens and eggs!

We had a generous donation from Lochlie Construction Group in Glasgow. An incubator was bought with this money. 100 eggs were placed in the incubator and it takes about 21 days for the chicks to hatch. Out of the 100, only 34 hatched. However, that is 34 more than previously! Also there had been a lot of power cuts recently which meant that the incubator’s temperature dropped for long periods of time. Ideally, it would be good to have another form of power as a backup for the incubator. It’s all been cleaned out ready to start again with more eggs. Everyone loves photos of little chicks so here they are looking very cute. Once numbers build up, some can be sold to bring in an income for the foundation. Also some can be gifted to the most vulnerable families enabling them to become more self-sufficient. It would be wonderful to have a paying it forward scheme whereby, once a villager’s flock starts to increase, they give away the same number of chicks that they had been gifted. Enjoy the photos. Sarah x

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