Would you help someone if you could? Would you like someone to help you if you needed help? Actions speak louder than words…please help

Sarah’s blog 21/12/21

The other day I asked for kind people to sponsor 9 young people to go to secondary school. They have passed their primary school leavers exams and have a place at secondary school…..but no sponsor to pay their fees.

Imagine this was your family, living in extreme poverty, the young people have missed lots of school to try to earn a pittance to buy soap or food. No one in the family eats properly every day. The children have one good substantial meal each week at the feeding programme but they are still hungry through the week. Unfortunately, there are no big agencies feeding children in schools that far north. How are the children in your family going to complete their education? How are they ever to get out of the extreme poverty that the village is living in? Some young people are orphans, living with grandparents or older siblings. Some orphans have even been matched with foster families. If this situation is to improve, then education is the key.

Thanks to three sponsors who have come forward, we only have 6 young people left who are desperately needing a helping hand this Christmas. Because the secondary school is so far away, the young people will need to board. So sponsorship will pay for their school fees, boarding, uniform, exercise books, soap, bedding etc and transport to and from school at the start and end of each term.

Please, can you sponsor one of these young people this Christmas? It will be the best present you could ever give them. Can you share the £25 monthly payment with family or a friend? It’s less than 50p per day if you share sponsorship. Please help. Only 6 young people left to be matched with sponsors. Or can you share on social media or tell your friends? This is my Christmas wish that all these young people’s dreams come true and that together we can change their lives for the better. Thanks for reading, Sarah x contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com