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My article in Cornerstone Magazine

Sarah’s blog 19/05/23

Strathblane Parish Church are just one of the organisations who have been very supportive of our charity. I am asked to contribute regularly to their quarterly church magazine, Cornerstone. Here is the article I have just written. I also attach the link to the magazine. If you aren’t able to see my screenshot properly, it will be much clearer in the original copy.

If you would like to support building a new classroom in phase 2 of Bright Futures Secondary School you can donate via or email me at

Cornerstone Summer 2023[19603].pdf Many thanks, Sarah x

A busy & successful day

Sarah’s blog 30/10/22

At the start of last week, Levison carried out telephone interviews for staff for the school. The ones that were called for second interviews came to The Foundation this morning to have a look round and be interviewed. So now Bright Futures Secondary School has teachers and teaching assistants! Another huge step forward. Many thanks to Ndongolera Mwangupili from the Department of Education for his help with the interview process.

All being well, the teaching staff will arrive back at the weekend ready to start school next Monday 7/11/22. It’s very exciting to see it all coming together but there is still a lot to organise before then. If you are able to donate to help us buy more textbooks and build desks, then we would be very grateful

So that is the news from Malawi today. At Strathblane, the Ranger Guides were holding a Halloween themed bake sale. They were raising money for their unit and also making a donation to Changing Lives Malawi. We popped along and the cakes we bought were delicious. Julie, one of the leaders messaged me later to say that they’d nearly sold out and had raised the target they’d set themselves. They have donated £100 of it to our charity. Girls we are extremely grateful for your support and that you have been helping others as well as raising money for your unit. Thanks so much!

At Balfron Church this morning, I was able to talk about the projects we are supporting in Malawi and show photos too. I took some of our cards and calendars and made a few sales and someone committed to sponsor a child through secondary school. So, it’s been a busy and successful day! Hope you enjoy the photos, Sarah x

preparing for the interviews

The teachers relaxing after their interviews

There was a great turn out for the bake sale despite the rain!

Lots of lovely treats

Lots of smiles despite the rain

Thank you girls for raising money for Changing Lives Malawi

Our fundraising calendars for sale at £10 plus £2 p&p

A magazine article & a lovely donation of handmade soap

Sarah’s blog 20/05/22

Strathblane Parish Church, near where I live, is very supportive of our charity and the work Levison is doing in Malawi. It’s where my mum, Christine, is an elder and where we had the fundraiser/exhibition for her paintings and cards in October, raising money for an extension to the chicken house.

Strathblane Parish Church also donated money to buy Levison’s motorbike a couple of years ago which made a huge difference to the amount of people he can see/things he can do each day. We were all very thankful to them for this generous donation. The guild had kindly donated money to provide food for the children’s Christmas Party in December. Various members of the congregation have supported our charity in different ways.

I am thankful to be invited to contribute articles to their church magazine. Here is my latest article as a photo and I’ve attached a link to the whole magazine, with my article on page 10. . Also, my mum, as well as being a talented painter, writes poetry. One of her poems is on page 11 of the magazine if anyone was interested in reading it. My mum is also a trustee of Changing Lives Malawi and gives generously of her time and talents. On the back page is a photo of my parents at a recent event at Strathblane Kirkrooms.

Also, I wanted to share with you a photo of a donation of soap I received at the weekend. A friend used to make soap and sell it at fetes and markets and had some left over. She donated it all to us to send to the children in Malawi. It smells absolutely lovely and I am sure the children who receive a gift of a bar of soap will be delighted. If anyone else wants to contribute a few bars of ordinary soap each time they are shopping then this would be very much appreciated. Providing soap for up to 800 children and young people is not an easy task.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support, Sarah x

beautiful handmade soap donated by a friend of mine

my article in Cornerstone magazine

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