Traci’s kilometre challenge – update


Sarah’s blog 6/8/22

Traci is doing an amazing job and is so committed to achieving her goal of walking 700km by the end of August. Here is what she’s written today:

“Just logged another 129.34km for the Changing Lives Malawi km challenge from the last 8 days bringing my running total to 480.56km. Today was my biggest walk yet walking 30km from Torrance to the Falkirk Wheel. (Thank you to Mart for collecting me because there was no way I was walking back!) I’m still aiming to hit 700km by the end of August. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far via

Thank you so much Traci for helping us with the challenge to travel over 13,000km – one of the routes the boxes travel – from here to Malawi to raise money for a much needed secondary school. Please can you donate a few £££ to support Traci? Hope you all enjoy Traci’s pictures. Sleep well tonight Traci! Thanks for reading and supporting, Sarah x

Traci that’s an amazing achievement! Very well done!

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