Easter Holiday Exam Preparation

Sarah’s blog 28/3/23

There has been so much going on behind the scenes here. I have been busy applying for grants and working out costings with Levison so I am sorry it has been a while since my last post.

We have some really exciting news that will be of benefit to the students at Bright Futures Secondary School and the p8 students at Chambo Primary too.

First of all we are delighted that four teachers at Chambo Primary School have agreed to work for part of the Easter holidays to give extra tuition to the 66 students in p8 to help them prepare for their end of term exams. This will give them a better chance of passing their national primary school leavers exams. All of these students are welcome to sign up for this study school. We are paying the primary school teachers and will provide lunch each day for students and teachers.

None of the students at Chambo Primary receive food at school. Most are malnourished and lots attend the weekly Feeding Programme where they receive their one substantial and nutritious meal of the week. During the Easter holidays they will receive a cooked lunch each day to help them concentrate.

The teachers at Bright Futures Secondary School have volunteered to work for part of their Easter holidays and will be paid extra for this. We are grateful for all the teachers giving of their time so that these vulnerable students have some extra lessons, especially the S2 students who have national exams in May.

The format for the two week Easter break will be four full days lessons each week; three hours in the morning, a break for lunch and three hours lessons in the afternoon. On Good Friday and Easter Monday there will be a couple of hours of organised team sports to ensure that the students get a break from their studies and have some competitive fun and physical exercise with their friends.

ALL STUDENTS WILL BE RECEIVING ONE SUBSTANTIAL, NUTRITIOUS COOKED MEAL EACH DAY WHICH IS MORE THAN THEY WOULD BE HAVING AT HOME IF THERE WAS NO STUDY SCHOOL. This is where we need some extra help from our kind and generous supporters. Will you help us feed these young people during their Easter break?

We need approximately £300 extra to buy additional maize and beans to feed these teenagers each day. Unfortunately, it is the rainy season and maize prices are high. Maize is also getting more difficult to find as a lot has been sent south to help feed the victims of Cyclone Freddy, which is making prices higher still. Levison said that today, lots of roads are flooded due to heavy rain which will also make it difficult to source maize. However, Levison always finds a way to ensure the young people are fed and is phoning round to try and source maize and reserve it.

So will you help us feed the young people in p8 at Chambo Primary School as well as the students at Bright Futures Secondary school whilst they work hard and study for their exams? contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com or text FEEDING to 70480. Even if you can spare £5 or £10 it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and for your continued support, Sarah x

The young people love team sports. This kit was kindly supplied by Fakenham Town FC
Students at Bright Futures Secondary School enjoying lunch after their Christmas Party thanks to a kind donation
Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, kindly donated this rugby kit, boots and rugby balls
Science at Bright Futures Secondary School
Mock exams at Bright Futures Secondary School
Some of the students in their new uniform
All young people have access to the library and students are learning how to use computers
Rugby was introduced to the young people last year. We are hoping to facilitate another coaching session in September
only p8 students have desks and benches in their classroom the other classes are bare and the children sit on the floor

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