Ready for School!

The new term starts tomorrow and the new classrooms are ready just in time

Sarah’s blog 10/09/23

Just a few photos before the new school term starts tomorrow in Malawi.

The new classroom block at Bright Futures Secondary School has been finished, names have been written over the doors. The carpenter is making some extra desks that will be finished in a couple of days.

Three classes of students will arrive tomorrow. What the s3 class don’t know is that some of our trustees have sent money for a celebration for them tomorrow afternoon. All S3 (well last year’s s2) passed their national exams… a great achievement. So they will be having a treat tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us to enable this to happen. It’s an amazing achievement and we are delighted that the classrooms are ready just in time.

We still need more toilets and textbooks if anyone would like to help . Thank you again, Sarah x

Some of the teachers today
Block 2 of Bright Futures Secondary School
Kenzo’s Classroom
Block 2 at Bright Futures Secondary School is ready for students tomorrow.
Sadie Harmin’s Staffroom
Desks being made

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