You were always on my mind…

Sarah’s blog 2/4/21

I have been thinking a great deal about these children (and all the others like them). I can’t imagine what it must be like, as a parent, not to be able to feed my children. As a parent, not to be able to give my children clothes or shoes. Sometimes they may have been preloved clothes, and sometimes we had to watch the pennies, but we’ve always had enough.

What must it be like not to have enough? Not to have blankets for your children, not to have food to give them every day, not to have soap to wash your children or their clothes, not to have hope that things are going to improve. What must that do to your mental health? These two families are suffering.

It is my responsibility to try to match them with sponsors. The children supported by The Foundation are always on my mind. They live in such extreme poverty. They need a helping hand. It costs £25 per month to sponsor a child. Two friends could sponsor a child to split the cost if needed. Or could you provide a food parcel for one of these families? How about making a monthly donation to our feeding programme? £5 per month donation will provide 52 meals for 4 children each year.

Elinah and her three cousins, and Mwiza and his three sisters are all suffering from malnutrition. Only Mwiza, who is disabled, has a sponsor. Please can you join our team of sponsors. 52 children are sponsored already…can you make that 53? 54? 55? Thanks for reading and if you’ve more questions then just ask. Sarah x

Sarah’s Blog

Mwiza and his family

Sarah’s blog 30/03/21

Mwiza was highlighed recently, showing what a difference a sponsor can make to a child, especially Mwiza who is disabled. He has been suffering from malnutrion and has had no toys to stimulate him while he sits on his mat all day. Now his muscles are getting stronger because of food to eat and picture books to look at. Toys are on the way and that smile is just gorgeous.

I knew he had one sister, but I wasn’t aware until today that he had three sisters. There are hundreds of children desperate for help, and Levison can’t tell me about them all and the stories of each child. But here is this family’s story.

Mwiza, age 12, lives with both parents and his three siblings. However, their dad is sick so unable to work or provide for his family. All responsibility falls on their mum. She can’t possibly earn enough money to keep them all. She has Mwiza and her sick husband to care for. Life is hard for everyone in Ibuluma but even more so for this family.

We are looking for sponsors for each of these three girls. Sponsorship is £25 per month per child or just under 85p per day. That provides food, a blanket, clothes, soap and education. Imagine the difference that would make to this family if they knew that there was more food for them all. If mum could spend time with her sick husband and with her disabled son. Imagine being part of the team around this family. Get in touch if you would like to help us continue #changinglives

Feeding the Hungry!

Sarah’s blog 29/02/21

There will always be hungry children in this world. There shouldn’t be but unfortunately there are.

Levison wanted to feed the 200 or so orphans and vulnerable children in his village and surrounding area. However, there are no big charities feeding children in schools in the far North of Malawi. So more and more children come. Some walk 20km to reach the Centre. To reach their one proper meal of the week.

It only costs £15 to feed a malnourished child one proper meal every week for a year. Multiply that by 600 (which is the average number of children turning up each Saturday for food…….that’s £9,000!! We just don’t have £9,000 per year.

For sponsored child at primary school £5 per month goes towards the feeding programme. So, in theory, if we had 150 primary school age children sponsored, this would cover the cost of the feeding programme for all the children supported by the Foundation. Currently, we have approximately 30 children who are still at primary school who are fortunate enough to have sponsors. Please can you help us find more sponsors?

Whilst we recognise that lots of people have struggled during the last year with financial issues due to covid, there are those who haven’t had to buy lunch at work or pay for travel costs to and from work each day. Would you be able to spare 85p per day…..that’s all each child needs. Together we are #changinglives

A Busy Day @ Charity HQ

We’ve had lovely free range eggs donated by Hilltop Hens as their hens are so happy they have started laying more than usual… we have an honesty box and boxes of eggs in the front garden.

Yesterday there was another donation of beautiful knitted baby hats and someone else kindly donated some crutches that Levison will be able to give to those who need them.

Today, we have heard that we are having a donation of books for our school literacy project. Thanks to all the people supporting us.

If you are able to support us by donating money towards covering the cost of sending each box (£15 each box) we would be so grateful as without your help we won’t be able to do what we do.

Have a good day……… Sarah