Rugby videos

Sarah’s blog 6/4/22

We’ve paid to upgrade our website so that we now have fancy features like being able to show videos. David, one of our trustees, very kindly provides technical support so I have been trying out a few new things. So here are some videos from the recent rugby coaching camp led by Jack Mphande, Malawian International rugby coach. We were so lucky that Jack was able to spend some time with the children. Just look at all the fun they are having whilst they learn new skills playing a team game they’ve never even heard of previously. Obviously, a big thank you to Jack for coming to teach rugby in the far north, to Community Sports Leaders Africa for facilitating Jack’s travel north, Strathendrick RFC for providing rugby balls that we sent out and a huge thank you to our supporters who donated money to enable the rugby coaching to happen for so many children. Enjoy the videos, Sarah x

Having fun whilst on lunch break at rugby camp
Practicing whilst waiting for lunch

SHANARRI Wellbeing Indicators

Sarah’s blog 26/03/22

Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included

These are used in Scotland as a simple way of checking on a child’s wellbeing. We are trying to ensure that the hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable children supported by The Foundation in northern Malawi are all of the above. Levison and team are doing an amazing job and by taking an holistic approach the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem is growing. There is much more to do but little by little things are changing for the better.

While you look at these photos from the rugby training, please keep in mind the above eight words. It’s a good way of measuring how change is happening for these most vulnerable children. Some in these photos have been lucky enough to be matched with a sponsor…some would love a sponsor so they have a monthly food parcel and their secondary education paid for them. If you would like to sponsor a child to help them achieve their potential email it’s only £25 p/m to change a child’s life. Elizabeth, Fortune and Pemphero would love you to support them. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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