Christmas Fundraising & news update


Sarah’s blog 8/12/22

There is so much going on both in Malawi and here, so I thought I would do a quick update.

  1. Our charity accounts and trustees’ report have been completed and filed with OSCR. We now have three years of completed accounts and our charity is progressing well, thanks to all the support we have received. More grants can be applied for as many organisations require three years accounts from applicants.
  2. I am continuing to try to raise funds to support the projects; education and feeding the orphans continue to be our priorities; and we must reach more people to try to get more awareness and more support to ensure that children are fed and that phase 2 of Bright Futures Secondary School can be built next year. If you would like to contribute to the school project the link is here or you can email Why not make a monthly donation to support the feeding of 500+ orphans? Or if you are in a position to gift £500 or more then you can have your name, a name or your choice or your business name above a classroom door or one of the other new buildings.
  3. Fundraising calendars – I still have some available. These make great Christmas gifts. These are only £10 plus £2 p&p. As one of our trustees paid for these to be printed, all of the £10 will go towards Bright Futures Secondary School. We have alternative gift cards available, paintings and packs of cards by Christine Cresswell one of our trustees who has donated her time and talents to raise funds for our charity. Have a look and see what you can buy for Christmas without leaving the house! The link to all the fundraising items is in a previous blog post here Christmas Cards & Gifts – Changing Lives Malawi
  4. The container is due in Ekwendeni any day now. Levison is just waiting for confirmation then he will be travelling south to collect the boxes and chairs that we sent. Thank you to everyone who donated items to be sent. There will be great excitement when the chairs and the boxes arrive.
  5. Government schools will close for the Christmas holidays on 16th December. Because Bright Futures Secondary School was a bit late opening, due to having to raise funds as we go, the teachers have kindly suggested that the school remains open for an extra few days. So, the last day of term at Bright Futures Secondary School will be 21st December and a Christmas party, for all the 500+ orphans and other vulnerable children, will be held on 22nd December which they are all very much looking forward to. We thank the generous donors who gifted money to feed the children an extra time to enable there to be a party.
  6. Desks for the classrooms are being made thanks to donations we have received. If you would like to purchase a desk for use by a student, they are £20 each.
  7. As it has been so busy, unfortunately, we have not had as many updates about sponsored children as we would have liked. I have now linked with one of the teachers who will work with me to remedy this and sponsors will be able to hear from their sponsored children a lot more regularly.
  8. If you would like me to come and talk at your club, church or school (or for any event) I’d love to hear from you. I have a laptop, projector and screen and lots of photos to show!

Thank you for reading and supporting us, Sarah x

Our fundraising calendar will make a great Christmas gift – £10 each (all of the £10 goes towards the school project) plus £2 p&p
Some of the school desks – £20 each
The front of the alternative gift card
Inside the alternative gift card – just circle or tick the gift you are wishing to purchase. A football is £10, 4 fruit tree saplings £10, soap for 100 children £40 and transportation of a box of books is £20

Feel Good Charity Christmas Gifts


Sarah’s blog 23/10/21

Do you have a long list of people to buy Christmas gifts for? Do you wonder what you are going to buy for the man who has everything? Do you need to post gifts? Do you need extra gifts for teachers or Secret Santa’s? Do you wish there wasn’t so much unnecessary plastic and wrapping on Christmas gifts? Do you want to avoid crowds when Christmas shopping? Do you wish Christmas wasn’t quite so commercialised? help! I need a last minute gift!! Does this sound familiar?

We have the perfect feel good alternative Christmas Gifts. Our small charity is run by volunteers and has no admin fees so ALL your money is going to the project you choose to support with your gift. Your gift goes to support some of the most vulnerable children in Malawi. Also the gifts don’t have to just be for Christmas, they can be personalised, the amounts can be changed or if you have an idea of something else you’d like to support then send us a message. We can email your alternative gift for you to print off or forward to the recipient, or we can print it off and put it inside a nice card, add a message from you and pop it in the post. You decide who your gift is for, which project to support, how much you want to spend and we can ensure your Christmas shopping is hassle free. Have a look at the gifts below and keep the children in Malawi in mind when buying your Christmas gifts. thanks for reading, Sarah x

1 / 9

A football or netball is £10, A blanket is £5, Blankets for 5 children is £25, Transport for a box of books £15, A nutritious meal for 500 children £100, Soap for 100 children £50, Tools for a family £20, A windup torch £5, 4 fruit tree saplings £10.

How to order:

Step 1: Choose the gift(s) you would like to give

Step 2: Choose whether you would like it emailed, posted to you or posted to the recipient

Step 3: Contact us via facebook messenger, the ‘contact us’ form on the website or by emailing

Step 4: You can pay by cheque, via stripe on the website or via bank transfer (cheque or bank transfer is preferable as full amount goes to the charity)

Step 5: We will then despatch your request and send your gift to Malawi

Step 6: Tick off your list of gifts to purchase, sit with your feet up and a festive drink having avoided a trip to the shops! Merry Christmas!

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