31 Days in May – Sarah’s Challenge – Days 27, 28 and 29

Sarah’s blog 29/5/22

I’ve only got 2 full days left of this challenge. For that I am very thankful. I’ve found the last couple of days really hard. I’ve been so tired. However, I’m feeling stronger this afternoon after a power nap lol.

I’ve been trying to plant up some tubs in the garden and get rid of some weeds. As I have issues with my mobility, this has been quite an achievement for me in itself…..then there is the cycling on top of that! Yesterday was a real struggle….my legs and feet were really sore but I managed 7.5km. I was in bed early last night and had a good sleep. I planted up some more tubs and a hanging basket today and cycled 15km at lunchtime.

I’m hoping that you think I’ve done well with my challenge. I have tried my best. Yes I have had to add a few extras like eggs here and there to supplement the endless rice and vegetables but I need to keep well and not make myself ill. I am proud of what I have achieved on my exercise bike. I struggled to get to 10km to start with but now regularly doing 15km and a few days I have managed 20km.

I need your support to get to the end please. I am raising awareness of how little the hundreds of vulnerable children in Malawi eat. Many of them do not eat every day. At the Feeding Programme once a week 500 children have a substantial and nutritious meal. Once a week is not enough though. I am also raising awareness of how far some of the younger children walk to school each day. I set out to cycle 10km on my exercise bike each day as many of the younger children are walking 5km to school and 5km home.

We are raising money to build a school in the village for all children to be able to have an education. This is their way out of poverty. There are not enough places available at nearest secondary school and if you don’t get picked for a place then you don’t go to secondary school. That is heart breaking. Every child deserves the gift of education. Education is the way out of poverty.

It is also our charity’s third birthday today. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us and supported us. We need more of you to join us so we can continue helping those who are most vulnerable. If you would like to donate a gift for our 3rd birthday then here is the link to my fundraiser https://gofund.me/ca9c1629 . Let’s build a school! Together we can continue Changing Lives Malawi. Thank you for reading and supporting me on my challenge. The photos of some of my recent meals won’t make you jealous but may help you to donate a few pounds. Thanks, Sarah x

cauliflower with a little bit of melted blue cheese on top to add some flavour

The mushrooms made the rice go grey! Tasted lovely though!

Pink rice this time! Courtesy of chopped beetroot!

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday

Sarah’s blog 2/1/22


Happy New Year!! I hope this year brings you all health & happiness.

Levison is busy getting young people ready for going to school this next week and I hope to bring some photos soon of them in their uniform before they set off on their big adventure, thanks to their generous sponsors who have paid for them to continue secondary education.

We still have a few young people waiting to be matched with sponsors so if you can help then please get in touch.

It’s my birthday on 4th January… when you have a birthday straight after Christmas you don’t really need any presents. I was very lucky with all the gifts I received for Christmas. So I wouldn’t usually tell people it’s my birthday but, i thought it might be a nice idea to buy something for the orphans in Malawi if you’d like to. There is an Amazon link at the top of the page or if you are at the supermarket and want to put some bars of soap or toothbrushes, toothpaste or pencils in your trolley, they would be very much appreciated. When there are approximately 800 vulnerable children and young people being supported there are never enough pencils or bars of soap!!

Many thanks and best wishes for 2022, thanks for reading, Sarah x

In memory of a special lady

Sarah’s blog 14/11/21

It would have been my lovely mother-in-law’s birthday today. After she passed away, we sent money to Levison for him to buy fruit tree saplings in memory of her. Levison has kindly taken photos of some of the saplings for me to add to this post and we are sending more money to mark her birthday and to buy some more tree saplings.

As you know, it’s so important for the planet to plant more trees and we are hoping that people will join this initiative and support us. With COP26 having just finished and there still being a huge amount of work to do, it’s so important to plant hundreds of tree saplings to protect the environment and planet.

As wood has been the only source of fuel for cooking and warmth, previously lots of wood has been needed. However, Levison and team are going to look at making briquettes from agricultural waste and the eco-stove project is continuing so much less wood will be used in future. The eco-stoves use far less fuel and are enclosed so they are much safer to cook on.

Although these fruit tree saplings are small, Levison assures me they will grow fast during the rains which will be coming within the next few weeks. There should be fruit in the next couple of years. This project benefits the planet and the people. The most vulnerable people. The William Stewart Foundation supports over 800 orphans and other vulnerable young people and there are no agencies feeding children in schools in that area. Approximately 500 malnourished children are fed a nutritious meal once a week at the Foundation. That is their one substantial meal of the week. Imagine being able to add fruit to their diet too? A huge orchard of fruit trees will mean a healthier community. It will also create employment and any surplus fruit will be able to be sold as a source of income for the Foundation, helping them on the road to self-sufficiency.

Four fruit tree saplings are £10. I am buying 8 today in memory of Isa Black, my lovely mother-in-law. We would love your help to support this project to plant a sustainable future in rural northern Malawi. I can change the wording on e-gifts for any occasion and personalise them. You could also have a sign in the orchard in memory of a loved one. Just let me know and I can help. contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com . Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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