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Sarah’s blog 11/12/21

We never have as much time as we think we do at this time of year, there’s always an extra couple of gifts that we hadn’t thought of, or what do you buy for the person who has everything? Do you really want to sit and write 50 Christmas cards?

Relax. Here’s how we can help.

By following that link, you will see the great selection of e-cards that have been uploaded. So you simply pick your card design and the amount you wish to pay and put in the recipient’s details and it will email a card to them from you. There is also the option of sending the same card to lots of people, saving you so much time and effort and, of course, people know you are supporting the orphans and vulnerable children in Northern Malawi with any purchase.

All of our e-gifts are available by following that link too. So you could buy a child a wind-up torch so they can see to do their homework for £5, or buy a blanket for a vulnerable child for £5, a football for £10, soap for 100 children for £50, a meal for 500 children for £100 and as many fruit tree saplings as you want starting at £10 for 4. All the quantities can be altered to suit your gift needs, but every single purchase is going to make a meaningful difference to the hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children we support in rural northern Malawi.

If you aren’t very computer literate….that’s ok. Let us know what you’d like and we will help you tick off your list! Together we can change lives. . Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Meaningful Cards & Gifts

Sarah’s blog 9/12/21

Whether you’ve got gifts to post, cards to send, something to buy for the person who has everything… then stop relax… we can help you and you can help us… hassle free.

That’s the link where you can find e-cards and e-gifts to purchase. Christmas cards and for other occasions. Also you can send one card to multiple people, saving time and effort. Meaningful gifts. Gifts that are going to change lives. A blanket for a vulnerable child, a football to help children take their mind off their problems whilst they play, soap, fruit tree saplings… we have lots of gifts to choose from. It would mean so much if you could support us to support the hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable children in Northern Malawi. Whether you want to spend £5 or £50 you will be helping us thank you for reading and please ask if you would like any help selecting cards and gifts. Gifts can also be printed out and posted in a lovely card on your behalf. Sarah x

Merry Christmas Everyone

Sarah’s blog 25/11/21

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends who are celebrating today and it’s now only a month until Christmas Day. I just wanted to show you a selection of the lovely e-cards and gifts to save you buying cards for Christmas, or any occasion, and to buy meaningful gifts that will make a huge difference to the most vulnerable people we support in rural northern Malawi.

Also, one of our trustees, Christine Cresswell, has original paintings and cards available for purchase with ALL proceeds going to our charity. Perfect and unique Christmas gifts.

If you need any help or advice with cards or gifts then please get in touch . Thanks for reading and happy shopping knowing that you are Changing Lives (in) Malawi. Sarah x

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