New clothes, shoes & maize for a needy family

Sarah’s blog 2/3/22

We saw this family last week. The roof had almost totally blown off their mud house in the wind and rain. They were able to temporarily ‘borrow’ another house….the roof isn’t much better on this one but at least they have shelter.

The family had been invited to The Foundation to receive some gifts. Today they came. Here are the photos. They cried tears of joy and couldn’t believe the lovely things they had been given. Thanks to Moses and Angela now having sponsors, Levison was able to give the family a bag of maize.

They are all malnourished and extremely sad and upset by what has happened to them. They are exhausted due to lack of food. Levison has assured them that The Foundation will look after them. We will bring you more photos of them which will, hopefully, show the improvements in their health and wellbeing.

If you would like to sponsor a child to help change their life then please email Thanks for reading, Sarah x

The family’s ‘new’ temporary home
The roof of the family’s mud house has almost totally been destroyed by the wind & rain

Moses & Angela have sponsors

Sarah’ blog 23/02/22

A few days ago, we shared a story about a family of a (twice widowed) mother and three children. Their house had been badly damaged in the wind and rain and there was not much left of the roof. Levison helped them find temporary accommodation (which still isn’t good but better than what they had) and we appealed for sponsors for the children.

The good news is that two of the children, Moses and Angela, have now been matched with sponsors. So they will have two monthly food parcels going into that home which takes the pressure off their mum. It’s still not enough food for the whole family, as we don’t want people to be totally reliant on handouts, but at least now they can eat every day. Their mum will continue to work to provide additional food for her children. The three children will continue to be fed a nutritious, substantial meal at the feeding programme each week.

Levison is inviting the family, either today or tomorrow depending on the weather, to come to The Foundation to use the showers. The family will be given gifts of clean clothes and blankets and soap. Life will start improving for this little family because of teamwork and the kindness of our sponsors and supporters. This family will know that people care about them. Knowing people care about you makes a big difference. Together we can continue Changing Lives Malawi. If you’d like to sponsor their brother, Blessings, or another child, it’s only £25 per month. You could always split that cost with a friend if you wanted to sponsor together. thank you for reading and supporting, Sarah x

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