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Everyone is always welcome at The Foundation. Levison receives visitors every single day….people in desperate need for a variety of reasons. They know The Foundation is doing it’s best to improve lives of the most vulnerable in that community. As help in that area is very limited, people are walking long distances as they are hungry and struggling. Food is getting more expensive and crops aren’t expected to do as well this year due to the very heavy rains and storms.

Usually, Levison is able to give people some clothes from the generous donations people have given us to send. Sometimes he can spare some maize to give them, but not always. They are able to take a shower if they want to. Yesterday a woman came asking for school fees for her daughter as she could no longer afford to pay. Unfortunately, Levison was unable to help….there are so many orphans more in need of a sponsor’s helping hand.

Levison doesn’t often receive visitors from other organisations, being so far north, so it was a lovely surprise for him to have a visit from Reverend Andrews Bipa who runs a much smaller organisation, The Trevor Foundation, which is near Mzuzu. Reverend Bipa had come to find out about The Foundation and the projects that are helping the community. Levison was happy to share information, answer questions and show Reverend Bipa around. They were able to share lunch together too. Networking and sharing knowledge is great for picking up ideas and encouraging each other to keep working hard to help those most in need. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Levison and Rev Andrews Bipa in the library

Reverend Bipa was able to observe the nursery children enjoying their session

Reverend Bipa speaking about his visit to The Foundation

An interview on the radio

Sarah’s blog 2/2/22

Tuntufye Radio in Malawi interviewed Mr Msukwa the Education Advisor for the whole of Chisenga District in the north of Malawi where the Foundation is. I hope to be able to put his interview onto our facebook page but here is a summary of what he said about Levison, The Foundation and the sponsorship programme.

“Levison Mlambya does a lot of work here in Chisenga through lots of different projects. He has supporters in the UK (and elsewhere) we call it The William Stewart Foundation. There are 30 students in Chisenga school and 2 students in Wenya school. There are 19 girls sponsored and in school. I wholeheartedly appreciate the job this young man has done for us. It’s not easy to do what he does. Instead of girls getting married, they are being kept in school. Levison Mlambya already paid all the students fees at the beginning of term and all the learners are in school. I pray they work hard. I encourage them to work hard for university. He (Levison) has done a good job and hope he continues doing a good job. He has a good heart and he his a God fearing man.”

High praise indeed for Levison who works so hard for the hundreds of children supported by The Foundation. Praise that is extremely well deserved. We are extremely lucky to have him. As we keep saying, it’s all about team work. The Education Officer, Mr Msukwa, is so appreciative of how the sponsors are supporting these children, giving them opportunities and changing their lives and it is great to receive feedback like that from the authorities that they recognise that we are all making a difference to orphans and other vulnerable young people in rural northern Malawi.

We still have 11 young people who passed their primary school leavers exams who have sponsors but did not get selected for secondary school. We have been told to wait until the education authorities see what places become available due to students who cannot afford to take up their offered places at secondary school. Hopefully, our 11 will get places then. If not then we will look at hiring a teacher for them at The Foundation.

Levison’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing since that radio interview with people requesting funding for their children. Maybe one day he might be in a position to say ‘yes’ but at the moment there are still hundreds of children supported by The Foundation who need a sponsor. 80 children matched with sponsors is an amazing achievement but we do need to try to find sponsors for other orphans and vulnerable children and give them the chance of education too.

It’s only £25 per month to sponsor a young person. You can sponsor as an individual, a family, split the cost with a friend or your business could sponsor a child. Or you could commit to our Feeding Team and sign up for £5 or £10 per month to help feed the malnourished children more than once a week. On average 500 children are fed a substantial, nutritious meal every week. It’s a great start but not enough. It costs £100 to feed 500 children one meal. Some children don’t eat every day. We appreciate the help of every single person who has committed to these children…but we need to expand our team. Please can you help? contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Levison with some of the children at their Christmas party. They were given new raincoats that had been generously donated and a pencil and lollipop each.
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