Building Bright Futures Secondary School

Sarah’s blog 25/09/22

It’s very exciting to see the work has started on the first phase of the new secondary school – Bright Futures Secondary School. This will be for the most vulnerable young people who would otherwise not go to secondary school.

Unfortunately, only primary education is free in Malawi. The nearest secondary schools are too far to travel daily so the students supported by The Foundation, and who have sponsors to pay their fees, have to board. These schools do not have enough places which is why Bright Futures Secondary School is much needed.

Everything we do is on a shoestring. We are a small charity, and we are achieving. However, there is still so much more to do. We are volunteers so you can be sure that all money that you give to our charity goes on projects. We do need your help to ensure that we can complete phase 1 of the school. We are building two classrooms and then more latrines. The staff accommodation block is almost finished but we do need more funding to complete the classrooms. Please help us? Please give the gift of education. Together we can make a difference. Together we can continue Changing Lives Malawi. Thank you for reading and supporting us. Sarah x

Levison had a visitor


Everyone is always welcome at The Foundation. Levison receives visitors every single day….people in desperate need for a variety of reasons. They know The Foundation is doing it’s best to improve lives of the most vulnerable in that community. As help in that area is very limited, people are walking long distances as they are hungry and struggling. Food is getting more expensive and crops aren’t expected to do as well this year due to the very heavy rains and storms.

Usually, Levison is able to give people some clothes from the generous donations people have given us to send. Sometimes he can spare some maize to give them, but not always. They are able to take a shower if they want to. Yesterday a woman came asking for school fees for her daughter as she could no longer afford to pay. Unfortunately, Levison was unable to help….there are so many orphans more in need of a sponsor’s helping hand.

Levison doesn’t often receive visitors from other organisations, being so far north, so it was a lovely surprise for him to have a visit from Reverend Andrews Bipa who runs a much smaller organisation, The Trevor Foundation, which is near Mzuzu. Reverend Bipa had come to find out about The Foundation and the projects that are helping the community. Levison was happy to share information, answer questions and show Reverend Bipa around. They were able to share lunch together too. Networking and sharing knowledge is great for picking up ideas and encouraging each other to keep working hard to help those most in need. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Levison and Rev Andrews Bipa in the library

Reverend Bipa was able to observe the nursery children enjoying their session

Reverend Bipa speaking about his visit to The Foundation

Where is Ibuluma?

Sarah’s blog 28/04/22

I’ve put together some maps so that you can see where Malawi is in Africa. The Foundation is in the far north of Malawi. In Chitipa District. Chitipa town is the biggest local town. Chisenga is where the secondary school is. Chambo is the nearest primary school to the Foundation. The Mafinga Hills look very like Scotland and The Foundation is very near the border with Zambia.

Ekwendeni, where the container goes to the Mission Hospital, near Mzuzu, is where Levison has to travel to when he collects the boxes we’ve sent via the Bananabox Trust. Because some of the roads are small, and some are full of pot holes, it takes about 5 or 6 hours to travel from Ibuluma to Mzuzu. On the map of Africa, you can see the port of Beira in Mozambique where the container gets transferred from the ship to a truck.

You will be able to google Ibuluma yourself as the coordinates are on the photos. The shower block is not yet showing….I wonder how many buildings there will be at The Foundation by the time the photo is updated? Hope you enjoy this little bit of geography. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

This was taken before the shower block was built. You can see the sports pitches and the vegetable gardens.

Chisenga is where the nearest secondary school is
The Foundation is just outside Chambo. Chambo Primary school is the nearest to The Foundation.

Emma’s Rainbow Library now has tables & chairs and even more books!

Sarah’s blog 09/02/22

There were so many great photos taken yesterday that I thought it was best to split them in half. Yesterday’s photos were of the nursery children in their new clothes and flipflops playing with the train set that had been gifted to the nursery.

Today’s photos are of the library…named after Emma Buchanan who wanted to go to Malawi and who loved her dad reading to her whilst she was poorly. Emma is no longer here but will never be forgotten and her name lives on in Emma’s Rainbow Library. We had a donation a while ago for shelves to be built and books have been donated for the library. On the last container we managed to send some stacking chairs. This time more chairs were sent and 8 tables.

How many things do we use tables for? Preparing food, eating, writing, cutting fabric and resting the sewing machine on….the list is endless. These are the first proper tables and Levison is absolutely delighted that they have tables and chairs now. The library is looking great and, once again, we thank everyone involved in making improvements for the vulnerable children who are supported by The William Stewart Foundation. Thank you to the Bananabox Trust for facilitating the safe delivery of all the boxes, tables and chairs.

The nursery children sat at the tables in the library yesterday…probably the first time they had sat at a table. They each had a book to look at the pictures and turn the pages then their new clothes were given out whilst they were all sitting down. We hope you like looking at the photos of the children and all that is happening at The Foundation to continue Changing |Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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