Lost Property

Sarah’s blog 7/6/21

Sorry for not blogging for a while but there has been so much going on! We’ve now matched 60 children with sponsors which we are absolutely delighted about. That’s a massive achievement and we are very grateful to everyone who has committed to change a vulnerable child’s life and give them hope for a brighter future.

Chawanangwa Chisale who is 12 had to borrow his sister’s clothes yesterday to go to the centre where gifts were being given out. His own clothes were just rags. Look how smart he looks in new school uniform donated by Riverside Primary School in Stirling. He is in desperate need of a sponsor as he is suffering from malnutrition and also will not be able to go to secondary school unless his fees are paid. Could you be Chawanangwa’s sponsor for less than 85p per day? please do get in touch if you’d like more information.

Now to go back a year……

Riverside Primary School in Stirling, is a large primary school and as well as the mainstream classes it has excellent additional facilities for gaelic language and an autism provision. So in June last year there was a great deal of lost property. The unclaimed items were donated to us for the children. Our car was absolutely full and the washing machine was put to good use washing everything in batches and drying it on the line. I had to pick my days carefully as not every day was a sunny one! Everything was boxed up and we started taking boxes to Dundee to the Bananabox Trust’s warehouse at the end of July. Covid and Brexit had a big hand in delaying this container…. with the container only being able to leave Scotland at the start of March and arriving in Ekwendeni near Mzuzu at the end of May.

I can post some photos and some more information about collecting the boxes another day. Yesterday was all about the younger children receiving preloved school uniform and other clothes…a huge task as there were approximately 600 children there. But they managed and all children received something so we are very, very thankful for the donations and the partnership with local schools…this time Riverside Primary. look at those lovely, happy, smiling faces in the group photo….teamwork is a great thing….if we all do a little act of kindness we can make a big difference. Hopefully, my washing line may be full again at the end of June and through July again this summer and the sun will shine on my washing line! thank, Sarah x #changinglives

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