31 Days in May – Sarah’s Challenge – Day 15 and 16

Sarah’s blog 16/5/22

Yesterday, I still had a headache, although not as bad as on Saturday night. I decided not to do 10km on my bike yesterday and, although I feel a bit guilty about that, it was the right thing to do. I slept much better last night and am ready to carry on with this challenge until the end of May. I didn’t expect my body to struggle as much with just rice and vegetables…I thought the toughest bit would be being bored with what I was eating! If it wasn’t hard then it wouldn’t be a challenge! https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

This is an honest blog of my journey for the 31 Days in May to raise money to build a desperately needed school for the children in Ibuluma, northern Malawi. Cycling on my exercise bike for 10km represents how far the younger children are walking to school and back each day. Some days, I have been challenging myself further to cycle 15km.

Eating just rice and vegetables for the month of May represents what the children have at The Feeding Programme. I have swapped maize flour for rice. I am very aware that The Feeding Programme only runs once a week and that is the children’s biggest meal of the week. I am grateful to eat every day. I am grateful I have choices of what to eat every day. I am grateful to have food in my cupboards and fridge/freezer. I am very aware of how little the hundreds of malnourished children have. We are working hard to improve their lives through various projects all with the end goal being self-sufficiency.

I need your help and your support to keep me going with this challenge. The children need your support. Please donate to give the gift of education as this is the way out of poverty. Education should be available for everyone https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

15km done today! Rice and vegetables to eat mid morning and then I made another pot of soup for lunch and dinner! I can do this!! Thanks for reading, Sarah x

rice and vegetables mid morning and then soup for lunch and dinner

31 Days in May – Sarah’s Challenge – Day 13

Sarah’s blog 13/5/22

12.15pm Pot of soup made! 15km on exercise bike done! I’m doing ok but finding it quite hard to concentrate on other things apart from this challenge today. I’ve almost completed two weeks and I’m really pleased that I’ve had the willpower to do this challenge….I just need to keep going and need your help. https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

The thought that the hundreds of malnourished children supported by The Foundation don’t have the choices I have is keeping me going and focused on my challenge. They don’t have the luxury of choosing which vegetables they will be eating and how they will be cooking them. They might go a whole day without eating at all. Things are improving for them but there is still a long way to go.

Having a school in their village will make a huge difference. It will bring employment as well as education for all. It will mean that young people don’t need to board at school and can stay at home and help their families with chores. All children deserve an education. All children deserve enough to eat. All children deserve to have the opportunities to be the best they can be. Please support my challenge to build a school for them.

I thought I’d also show you a photo of some beautiful knitting for babies that we received recently. These little jackets will be so appreciated by new mothers for their babies. We are very grateful for all the donations and support we receive to help us continue Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

beautiful knitting for babies in Malawi that we received recently

two lots of tasty soup I made this week – glad of a different way to eat vegetables

15km done today

31 Days in May – Sarah’s Challenge – Day 11 and 12

Sarah’s blog 12/5/22

11.30am There wasn’t much to report yesterday. I did 10km on the exercise bike and ate rice and veg. I have been finding the last few days harder, I think because it’s a bit colder and I’m wanting something a bit different from salad and rice. Last night I did open a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce and had half of that tin with rice which was a nice change. I am currently making some soup which I am looking forward to.

6pm My soup was delicious….even if I say so myself lol. Sweet potato, broccoli and stilton. I only used a little bit of stilton to give it some flavour…it’s been nice to have vegetables in a different form today! I’ve just cycled 15km so if you think I’m doing ok then please donate and share my posts. I’m almost two weeks into my challenge and have cycled further than I first thought so I’d love your help to build a school for the children so everyone can go to school. Thanks for reading, Sarah x https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

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