Judith has been to see the doctor


Sarah’s blog 25/04/22

I’m feeling very emotional whilst writing this. I’m quite upset. But I’m also very, very grateful. Grateful to three generous people who got in touch offering to help with the cost of Judith going to see a doctor about her eye infection. I’m also very grateful to Levison who took Judith to the health centre and facilitated her appointment. We made a big difference to one child today.

The doctor cleaned her eyes and gave Judith eye drops and painkillers. Just look at the difference from yesterday! She must have been so sore. Levison has to take her back again on Wednesday for a check up and hopefully they will be pleased with her progress. Should the infection continue or come back the doctor at the health centre has said they will refer her to the hospital in Chitipa. This will obviously cost more money but we are very grateful for the people who have covered this treatment and also paid a bit extra so that Levison can give the family some soap and maize.

The reason I’m feeling emotional and upset? We have helped a little girl who was in pain and whose sight may have suffered if she didn’t get treatment. We have made a difference to one little girl. We have made a difference for Judith. Not me…we. I always say it’s teamwork. I try to raise awareness and find people willing to help these very vulnerable children. But I need kind people to get involved, to sponsor, to donate, to fundraise, to raise awareness etc.

For Judith, the team has been Levison, 3 people offering some money, the doctor and me to tell Judith’s story. Also the people who donated the clothes and shoes she’s been given. Judith will never forget today. The kindness that has been shown to her will stay with her forever. I am so proud of what we are achieving for these children and will keep raising awareness and finding people who can help us continue Changing Lives Malawi.

Judith and siblings need sponsors to help them out of poverty and malnutrition, to give them the chance of a better future. It’s only £25 p/m (85p per day) to sponsor a child. Can you join our team of sponsors today and change a child’s life. Every life matters and every child deserves to be the best they can be. Judith needs you? Can you help her? contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com thanks for reading, Sarah x

The Second Sunday in Advent


Sarah’s blog 5/12/21

The second Sunday in advent is traditionally about peace and waiting. I have had no choice this week. I wasn’t going to write this but I think it’s important and I would be very grateful if you would be patient with me whilst I write this.

I have been in a very large hospital since Tuesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon I had some of my right kidney removed using robotic assistance. If this operation had taken place at my usual hospital, they would have removed my whole kidney. So I am thankful for the opportunities I have had. Everyone has been so lovely and kind and I have felt precious and cared for.

I am very conscious of the differences between my opportunities here and the lack of health care opportunities in Malawi, something we need to try to work on next year.

I feel I am being ‘asked’ to write this and believe me I am double and triple checking things as I am on a lot of medication for pain relief and my concentration isn’t good. At least I’ve kept my eyes open! My care,post op, has not gone to plan. My oxygen levels have been extremely low and, I spent two days in high dependency. Yesterday was my first day since Tuesday with no additional oxygen…again the comparison isn’t lost on me that Malawi doesn’t have enough oxygen in hospitals.

So without you having to know all my aches and pains, I am here to wait and recover. To recover from the big operation I have had but also the stress of 2021 which has been huge.

Every day has been a worry about where money will come from to feed children, to sponsor them, to provide for them. I have been volunteering 7 days a week. I can’t continue at that rate. It’s not going to do me any good, therefore the charity any good, if I don’t start putting myself first. I don’t know what the new working hours will look like but, for now, I will wait with peace and listen. Of course, I couldn’t have worked so hard without my husband who is my biggest supporter.

All of this would have been hard enough but there have been people on social media trying to destroy our charity. People who have never met me. People who are happy to side with others without knowing facts or thinking about the consequences of their actions. I cannot apply for grants for our charity at the moment because the awful things that have been written. People might not like me or like what I say (and that’s ok) but every decision I make is to benefit those hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children to make lives better for them.

Of course, I should have been at home this last week sharing posts; getting children sponsored, selling paintings for Christmas or lovely cards; sharing the links for e-cards and e-gifts and generally working as hard as I can for every £1 to help make a difference in Northern Malawi. Hopefully, people do find the items via our website and please share posts if you can. Hoping I will be home in a few days although this week away, courtesy of the NHS, has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

So instead of being busy selling, I’ll wait patiently for what’s going to happen next. It might be that you decide you want to help, it might be a magazine wants to write about our work… who knows? But I do know that 2022 is going to be a better year and we hope that you will continue to journey with us http://www.changinglivesmalawi.com thanks for reading, Sarah x

My room with a view of the helipad
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