100 hats!


Sarah’s blog 14/07/22

My Auntie Margaret, who has previously been knitting lovely blankets to send to the children, has decided it is a bit easier on her hands to knit hats for the children. So that’s exactly what she’s done. She lives in Birmingham but is staying with my parents who live near me. She gave me a whole suitcase full of hats….100 of them! She told me that she counted them to double check there were 100 and there weren’t…only 99. So she counted them again….only 99. So she had to quickly knit another one to make it to 100!!

There are hats in all different colours and for different ages, from babies and toddlers right up to older children. 100 heads will be kept very cosy during the cold nights and early mornings. Many thanks and very well done Auntie Margaret! We appreciate all the knitting we receive. As well as it being a practical gift, the children will know people care about them enough to send them a gift.

Also, we have been showing some photos recently of the different skills the children have chosen to learn. The knitting group have been working very hard and, on Sunday, some of them were able to show the hats they have made. We think they’ve done a brilliant job and how proud they must feel to be able to wear something they have made for themselves! Brilliant! To donate wool or sewing supplies, or do some knitting for the children or anything else you can get in touch via email contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com . Thanks for reading, Sarah x

some of the knitting group showing off the hats they’ve made…brilliant!

a suitcase full of 100 hats! thank you so much.

Photos from Ibuluma


Sarah’s blog 17/05/22

Now the worst of the rains are over, bricks are being made again for the eco stoves. These stoves are being gifted to the community, starting with the most vulnerable people. Eco stoves use less wood for cooking and retain more heat. They are also far safer to cook on than an open fire especially when young children are around. Chancy and Manase are working hard making bricks in the photo and video.

Also there are more photos from the clubs at the weekend and the Feeding Programme. Levison and I have been talking about the possibility of them making products that we can sell here on their behalf, baskets being one of those ideas. It would be a good source of income and secure jobs for a few people if this were able to happen. I’ll bring more photos of baskets as they get more skilled at making them. Enjoy the photos and thanks for supporting the children, Sarah x

Fun, Clubs & Skills


Sarah’s blog 08/05/22

An holistic approach is taken to improving the lives of the hundreds of children supported by The Foundation. Levison has sent lots of photos from a busy Sunday.

Today was a feeding day and some of the children from the gardening club who had helped grow cabbages, were shown how to prepare and cook them as part of today’s meal. Children have started learning to weave baskets, others were weaving mats to sit on. Some children were playing rugby, some knitting and some sewing. These are all great skills to have for their futures. Children are having opportunities to learn new things that they wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to try. These children are having fun with their friends whilst learning and are able to forget about their problems for a while.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. There is a lot happening at The Foundation. We don’t always see how much is happening or how busy it is. However, with so many children to support, every day at The Foundation is a busy one! I hope you enjoy the photos. Remember the link to my fundraiser to build a school for these children is https://gofund.me/ca9c1629 Thanks for reading, Sarah x

children learning basket weaving



Sarah’s blog 21/1/22

We have lovely supporters donating in lots of different ways. Some give money to help feed the children, others sponsor young people so they can attend secondary school. I have a donation box in my front garden that people will leave things in if I’m out, and people will knock on the door with bags of preloved clothes and shoes or books. Occasionally, someone will proudly bring a bag of bargains that they’ve managed to pick up in a sale. Some supporters collect pencils, pens and soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste whilst doing their shopping. We are grateful for monetary donations to help cover transport costs as we are charged £15 per box on the container. These are all ways you can help us help the hundreds of children we help to support in Malawi. A few of our kind supporters knit lovely blankets or hats to keep babies and children warm and others help take the boxes of donations to Dundee to await the container to Malawi.

Whatever you choose to do to help and support us, ‘Thank you’. We are grateful you are part of our team. There is still so much to do…so if you want to get involved we would be very glad to have you on our team….Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com

A big donation of preloved sports clothes was recently collected
We love it when people add things to their shopping for us….the children always love receiving a new pencil or some soap….and with up to 800 children to support….that is a lot of pencils needed!
Someone very kindly left these preloved teenage boys school shoes and two maths sets in the donation box in our front garden
One of our supporters has been busy knitting again….beautiful blankets
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