Kilometre Challenge Update

Sarah’s blog 4/8/22

Jackie has written an update below of how the challenge is going.

Douglas & Lynda have been walking some of the Fife Coastal path and clocked up 67.5km. They also sent some beautiful photos. Thank you to both of them for their continued support.

Stuart and I managed some r&r in the East Neuk of Fife too and have added our km although nowhere near as impressive. Thanks for reading and supporting, Sarah x

“Hello All – Well the BALFRON TO BRIGHT FUTURES SECONDARY SCHOOL CHALLENGE has just passed its first month

The various people involved (a small team of 7 so far) have clocked up 1,817.805km. In addition the kids in Malawi have run 320km to join in.

This is a total of 2,137.805km an amazing 16.26% of the way to walk/cycle/run/hop/skip/jump the 13,144km that represents the journey from Balfron to Ibuluma in Northern Malawi.

So far over £8k has been raised (a lot off line so the GoFundMe looks a bit light!) but as prices are rising fast in Malawi just like here the sooner material can be bought the better so we really need to raise lots more money sooner rather than later.

Can you help Build the Bright Futures Secondary School?
Ways to help:-

1 – Make a donation and encourage me (and the team) to keep clocking up the km’s –
2 – Join in and “donate” your km’s to the total to get us to Malawi sooner –
3 – Follow the charity on FB to see how we are getting on with our challenge –
4 – Share this post with anyone and everyone who might be interested in our project so we can raise awareness of the charity and its amazing projects (it does soooo much more –

Thank you so much for reading and your support 🙂

PS – over 70,000 bricks are soon being fired to build the walls 🙂 – Jackie”

Beautiful views from the East Neuk of Fife courtesy of Douglas & Lynda

Photos I took from St Andrews and the East Neuk of Fife – one of our favourite places.

Traci’s first 100km challenge

Sarah’s blog 11/7/22

Traci has walked over 100km already since the start of July. That’s an amazing achievement Traci, especially your 7km walk up and down that hill! Thank you so much for sending in your photos and for taking part in our kilometre challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos from your next 100km!

We decided to try to do the virtual journey that the boxes we send travel to get to Malawi…over 13,000km… so we need more people joining in and logging your kilometres. Whether you are walking round the supermarket, going to the park with the kids, walking the dog or going on a cycle or run… every kilometre helps towards our total. We also need you to sponsor us please. If you think Traci is doing a great job then please donate a few £££. Ideally, we need to raise £1 for every kilometre of the 13,000 journey. What will you do today? Click on the links to donate and get involved wherever you are in the world. Thanks again Traci. Enjoy your next 100km! Thanks everyone for reading and supporting, Sarah x

“Over the first 10 days of July I’ve walked 118.57km for Changing Lives Malawi. I’ve walked various paths around Torrance, climbed the Campsies, done some of the Rob Roy Way and added some km on my treadmill. Can you spare a couple of pounds to spur me on to my full 500km pledge, and help build a school in Malawi? Go to ” Traci.

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