A boy and his backpack


Sarah’s blog 30/3/22

I know I’ve been blogging a lot recently…sorry about that….but not sorry really as there is so much going on and I’m just trying to pass on all the good news stories to our supporters.

This story started last July. A boy at The Foundation making things out of old cardboard boxes. Levison observed what he was doing as he was absorbed in his task. He made himself flipflops and a backpack out of cardboard as he didn’t have real ones.

Asante is a clever boy who loves using his hands to make things. Levison took photos and sent them to me. We decided that he should receive a real backpack of his own. I put a post up to show people what Asante had been making and how good his cardboard rucksack was.

Two ladies, mother and daughter, were quick to offer to sponsor Asante. A while later they put together a parcel for him and he has received it today. Levison told me how happy Asante is and he is very, very thankful. I’ll put up the original photos for you to see what he had made using cardboard and his imagination. Compare those to today’s photos. His smile says it all. Thank you ladies for sponsoring Asante and for making him smile. It’s made my day too. Thanks for reading and supporting us to support the children and continue Changing Lives Malawi, Sarah x

Can you help Tamara please?


Sarah’s blog 26/2/22

Sometimes things happen that can’t be helped. People’s circumstances change and, much as they’d like to keep sponsoring a child through us, sadly they aren’t able to do so. That’s what has happened in this case. Tamara’s sponsor kindly stepped up to sponsor her and pay her fees for her first year at secondary school. Unfortunately, their circumstances have changed. We thank them for what they’ve done for Tamara this year as, without them, she wouldn’t have been able to take up her place at secondary school.

So we are looking for a new sponsor to help Tamara through secondary school please. It’s £25 per month and you can share that cost with a friend if that helps. It’s less than £1 a day to us but means the world to a sponsored young person. If you can help then please contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com and if you can’t help financially then please consider sharing posts in order to help find potential sponsors. Thank you for reading, Sarah x

Tamara is in 2nd year at Chisenga Secondary School
Tamara, in her new uniform, about to start Chisenga Secondary School last year
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